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Caring For the Environment

family-plantingWe are committed to the environment and continually strive to educate our employees as to what products are Earth friendly. Our staff knows how to guide you toward using environmentally positive products in and around your home. Please consider using us as your local resource for help with energy and resource conservation and applications.

Here are several suggestions for easy ways to become ‘more green’

  • Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Each bulb, on average, saves $25. in electricity per year. Changing five or more bulbs will save you $100 or more each year. We frequently have sales and promotions on these bulbs. Ask Us.
  • Plug Air Leaks: We suggest that all leaks around windows, doors and in basements be plugged either with caulking or stripping. There are new products on the market that will not only help accomplish this and save you money, but will do it with a green footprint. Ask Us.
  • Reduce Water Use: Add aerators to your sink faucets, and replace your shower head with a low-flow unit. Both of these projects take less than fifteen minutes each, and in less than thirty minutes you can expect to conserve water enough water to save about $100 on your water bill.
    Insulate Hot Water Pipes: Insulating hot water pipes will save you up to 15% on your hot water heating bill. (sound like a good weekend project? Ask Us how!)
  • Consider a Push Mower: More quiet for you and your neighbors, no pollution contributed to the environment, and more exercise for you!
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